Bunney’s Naturals and Organics is the creation of Bunney Bu, with a goal to provide the best natural & organic products to protect, nourish & revitalize your skin. Bunney is passionate about her vision to uplift your spirit through enjoying the benifits of paraben free, natural and organic based products handmade with love.

Meet Bunney Bu!

Bunney is driven by honesty, passion and the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to select an affordable, healthy alternative to nourish skin, body and hair.

After years of trying many mainstream and expensive cosmetic skin care brands, redness, blemishes and skin irritations were common on Bunneys skin.

The potentially harmful effects on the body of absorbing commonly used commercial chemical ingredients including paraffin, homosolate, oxybenzone, silicones, parabens, aluminum, SLS, retinal palmist ate, synthetic fragrances, colours and others were also a concern.

Bunney became disenchanted with brands promoting quality and natural ingredients however heavily laced with unhealthy chemicals, toxins and parabens. Her interest in healthy food, healthy living and a natural lifestyle provided the inspiration to develop a natural and organic skin, hair and body care range that will benefit people of all ages and all skin types.

Through sourcing the finest Australian made natural and organic complimentary ingredients, highly effective products with natural aromas, excellent textures and healthy living benefits are produced. Using world class sanitizing and English manufactured mixing equipment, Bunney developed unique complimenting product formulas for her Australian made range of healthy, natural and organic skin, hair and body care solutions.

Repeat customers throughout Australia and Internationally continue to grow, refer Bunney’s range to family, friends and promote the natural effectiveness on skin, body and hair that has enhanced their self-confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing

What problems can we solve for you today?

  • Dry Lips & Skin

    Dry Lips & Skin

  • Acne or Ezcema Sensitive Skin

    Acne or Ezcema Sensitive Skin

  • Anti-Aging


  • Deep Cleansing

    Deep Cleansing

  • Muscle Joints & Migraines

    Muscle Joints & Migraines

  • Hair Regrowth

    Hair Regrowth