“In September 2016, I fell and tore the medial meniscus in both knees.  I’m obviously in need of surgery to fix the problem, and have been on the Public Hospital waiting list for 3 years to date.  The pain and aching in my knees is ongoing, and is at its worst at night.  I ache all the time, having to elevate my legs to find any kind of relief. It’s exhausting. Yesterday I bought Bunney’s products in yet another desperate attempt to find something, anything, other than the hefty painkillers I’ve been prescribed. I sprayed and then rubbed the smallest amount onto the front and back of my knee joints. Last night I slept. Today, I’m on my feet all day at a Trade Show for my art business, and I’m NOT in pain. It’s the most incredible feeling, both physically and emotionally. The relief is mind blowing!  I highly recommend – you have nothing to lose, and absolutely everything to gain.”

Mandi – A Happy Customer!

“I have had very sensitive skin for as long as I can remember. As I got older, I developed rosacea and every product I tried seemed to make it worse. My skin would either be super dry and itchy or oily. Then I met Bunney at a Market and she explained her products and convinced me to try them. My skin got better immediately! I thought it was too good to be true. Now, four months down the track, my rosacea has cleared up and my skin feels and looks clear and soft. Even my teenagers now use the gentle cream facial cleanser and the deep cleaning facial wash and their skin is flawless. Thank you, Bunney, you have changed my life!”

Bettina – A Happy Customer!

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

The unassuming packaging uncovers a great product made with love.

My favourite products of the moment:

a.       Eye and Lip balm

b.       Nourishing Face Cream

c.       Calming Zinc Cream

d.       Natural Deodorant

The greatest thing about Bunney is that she is always trying to improve her products, putting in the best products together for our benefit

I’m looking forward to her constantly perfecting her formula.

The packaging may look simple, but it is practical as I can easily get the product out and use it to the last drop.

Zora – A Happy Customer!

Bunney’s Naturals & Organics is an organic niche brand. I like the products because of all-natural and organic ingredients that are safe for my sensitive skin.  My skin type is a combination of dry skin and sometimes acne from complex ultraviolet allergy problems. After using Calming Zinc Cream with Nourishing Face Cream for a month, I found my skin condition improved significantly. Skin became smoother and fresh, the irritation redness on my cheeks disappeared. The Deep Cleansing Face Wash is the best facial cleanser I have ever used.  I usually pay a lot of money for a pricey face cleanser but the result were not very good, facial cleaning products from expensive stores were either too strong or too gentle.  It makes my skin very dry after face washing or I felt like there was something left on my skin that caused rash on my face. Bunney’s Deep Cleansing Face Wash has a very good balance. It can be used in the morning and night. Gentle Cream Cleanser used at night helps not only removes makeup but also helps moisturize my skin. Both products have also helped me save lots of money on makeup remover and facial cleansers. The best part of using the face wash is I feel my face so clean and moisturised. I will keep using this product for as long as I can!

The other product I have to mention is the lipsticks. The “love my kiss” is my favourite colour. The colour is so unique and makes my skin tone looks brighter, healthier & sexier. Sometimes I mix it with another layer of Funky Peach & Live to suit the occasion and for long lasting. All lipsticks are all-natural ingredients, I don’t have to worry about the chemicals & heavy metals used in normal cosmetics that will do more harm than good to my health.

I feel so safe using all Bunney’s Natural and Organic products, it’s a one stop shop for me. So happy to have finally found a range of affordable natural products with great effect. Thank u Bunney! YOU ARE SUCH A LIFE SAVER & GAME CHANGER! 

Kim – A Happy Customer!

“I have been using Bunney’s Naturals and Organics range for some time and have been extremely happy with the quality and ease of use. My skin is very sensitive and I also have quite dry skin and it has been great to put something very natural on my skin and see the benefits. My favourite products are the nourishing face cream, calming zinc cream and deodorant. I can tell that a lot of thought and science has gone into developing these products and the results show. It is great to see that Bunney’s products only use ingredients that are contributing to better skin. I am a big fan and highly recommend these products”

Nicky – A Happy Customer!

I have been using Bunney’s products for some years now and I love them. I am in my sixties now and so my skin is quite delicate. The skincare products give great protection from the elements, my skin feels good with the moisturising cream,  cleanser and mixing a little zinc cream in. there are no ingredients that I react to. I have a lot of allergies and seem to react to many skin care brands.

Her lipsticks are my favourite ones these days. They are lovely to wear and don’t dry out my lips. So moisturising.
Bunney’s magnesium range for muscles is fantastic. It works so well and immediately.
I was getting aching legs by the end of the day and the magnesium was brilliant for calming that down. The magnesium oil last so well and the cream is divine.

I am happy to recommend Bunney’s products they are such excellent quality.
Last but not least, Sanitiser for hand & face is just the best! Non drying, cleans well, moisturising all in one.

Visiting Bunney at the Queen Victoria Market is always a treat. I also buy them online and they are fast to come and each time it’s like receiving a precious present in the mail.

Amanda Woodmansey

Bunney I have to thank you for the magnesium spray and cream,
I could not believe the change it made in my arms in just days that,
I have tried other things and nothing worked,
When u got myself and my friend staying until Sunday from Adelaide to stop to find out what you had,
You put the cleanser on the tops of my hands then u wanted me to try the magnesium spray,
In all honesty I could not believe that I was seeing when u sprayed it on my hand the change was leaving me dumbfounded I thought it was a trick but then u put moisturiser on and it was incredible,
How firstly the top of my hand was then after the moisturiser,
They were so soft,
Then the real miracle happened when you sprayed the magnesium spray onto one of my bruises I let you see on my arm the tiny amount y sprayed on it I was thinking had to be a joke but your passion and belief in what you have helped make was so infectious,
Once you rubbed it into my arm I thought I was seeing things but I seen the bruise and one area was dark and horrible but just the spray had it looking pink and some places the bruise was gone then u put the magnesium cream over the top and it was like wow! Thank you from the bottom of my heart u have made a very stupid insecure woman believe there could be hope for me yet,
I am stunned at the difference it has made to my arms I had lumps and bumps as well as many bruises that has scared me to my soul I had almost given up until meeting u it's incredible it honestly is.
You have an incredible product that people will be wanting so much,
It is like you have made the most incredible product ever and I hope people will listen and see just how fantastic it really is with the passion and belief in what you have helped make you are going to go so far and I hope I can watch you grow into this passionate woman and take the world by storm,
I fully intend to tell everyone here how brilliant it is and tell them to get it and help support.

Sally Milton
Ultimate Skin Repair Combination | Bundle - Bunney’s Naturals & Organics

Bought a face wash and daily face cream at the Queen Victoria markets on my last visit from Sydney (2 months ago). The products have been great. Will reorder soon. This is the only cream that hasn't given me pimples and I have been using it everyday. A little goes a long way.

Nirdosh Upadhyay

Amazing! I recently bought the healing face mask from the mind body and spirit festival and it's so effective yet gentle I could use it daily. I'll definitely be buying it again and trying out other products too

Liezl Robinson

I have been using Lip & Eye Balm for only 3 days & it has already made such a significant positive change to my eye area. The skin around my eyes was quite dry & this eye balm fixed this issue after only 2 applications! My skin also looks brighter & healthier. It is also a great lip balm to put on before going to bed, when i wake up my lips are so smooth & moisturised!

Marina Mento

If I could only have one more face product for the rest of my life, it would be Bunney's eye cream. I have super sensitive eyes and surrounding skin and this is my go to. It's soothing, smells beautiful, and my eyelashes seem longer and thicker. I use it all over my face and decolletage. My only complaint is the tiny tin that it comes in- I'd prefer a bucket!

Theresa O'Melveny

I love Bunney's products. I have found Nourishing Face Cream to be my favorite. ever!! It is smooth and creamy and soaks in beautifully.
My skin has been so healthy since I stopped using any other face products.

Naomi Lovell

Met Bunney at a market the start of the year and have used Nourishing Face Cream every night. I am amazed at how well it works! My skin is so much softer and it stays moisturised all day. After the first few weeks of using I started getting compliments on how healthy my skin looked. Proof that it works!


I bought the deep cleansing cream from here at Queen Victoria markets whilst visiting Melbourne from North Queensland. The lady assured me the cream would help my 17 year old son who suffers terrible acne. I admit I was sceptical but let me just say WOW THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. He has been using it for only 10 days and the results are unbelievable. I've spent over $1500 in treatments & peels ,creams etc to help him and absolutely nothing has worked as well as this cream. I'm so glad I found you and look forward to ordering more products from your range. Thank you so much.

Mandy Moo

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