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Naturally Great Cleansing

Naturally Great Cleansing


Two step cleansing plus third step exfoliating, tedious process yes! Can it be simplified, yes absolutely it can be. Personally myself “Bunney” I have not have exfoliated facial areas for over 2 years. People ask me how I don’t exfoliate yet look so natural and fresh. Our Gentle Cream Cleanser ingredients include natural pumice powder which gently and naturally removes grease, dirty and or dead skin cells. As many of our return face to face customers know, I rarely wear makeup, I use our Gentle Cream Cleanser every night before applying a soupy clean. Our Gentle Cream Cleanser gently removes unwanted radicals, leaves skin nourished and fresh, very effective in removing the toughest waterproof mascaras from sensitive skin to grease from mechanics hands.

Natural Aussie Beeswax, Organic Aloe vera and Organic Honey selected are naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial premium ingredients combined in complimenting quantities. They moisturize and are nourishing for the skin, why use chemicals to remove grease and dirt when nature provides healthy solutions. Avocado provides rich natural source of vitamin E including natural anti-inflammatory agents that calm redness of the skin and rejuvenate irritations.

Apply a thumb nail amount of Gentle Cream Cleanser on both palms, massage into both face and neck until most muscles are thoroughly ‘exercised’ wipe off residual with soft tamp cotton pads, then apply similar amounts of Deep Cleansing Face Wash then rinse.


Deep Cleansing Face Wash is inclusive of Food grade bentonite clay, aloe vera and zinc oxide, not only refills essential minerals on our skin, but also calms down any inflamed skin. We call it Deep Cleansing since it removes bacteria, cleans thoroughly without stripping off all our natural oils produced to protect our new skin. In the morning Deep Cleanse again, then apply our simple 1 step moisturizer!

Constantly working outdoors isn’t kind to my skin, I apply a thin layer of Healing Facial mask that does wonders, it naturally brightens, thoroughly cleans deeper layers of grease and dirt, reboots skin collagen reproduction. I apply it while brushing teeth then rinse off in the shower, moisturize then off to bed, the same simple process followed in the morning! No exfoliation needed.

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