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Eco Friendly

Laboratory manufacturing of synthetic ingredients produces excess wastes that find their way into landfill and our oceans. Ingredients from synthetic sunscreens have proven over time to be contributing to bleach of our barrier reef system and drastically disturbing surrounding sea life existence. Micro sized plastic polymer washed off from our body into ocean systems not only effect sea creatures also transfer into seafood. We consume seafoods including micro plastic polymers that we cannot see. Similarly micro polymers transfer to soil that grow wellbeing foods including fruits and vegetables, plants supporting animal food intake that is consumed daily. That’s why it is so important to choose natural products, especially those Australian made with local naturally produced ingredients. We take pride in our disciplined approach to provide safe eco-friendly personal care products that are natural and safe for the body to consume.

Our production processes are exemplary, we do not use ingredients that pollute our sea, air, land eco system, no chemical wastes, no toxic gas released in any production process. The natural and organic ingredients we select are naturally grown; waste decomposes naturally benefiting the environment.

Containers for our products are produced using recycled components or are 100% recyclable. Recyclable aluminum tins are easy to carry around, if dropped won’t leak, safe to handle and good to go again wherever you’re going. We offer many multipurpose products including our magnesium based Natural Cleanser for Body, Hair and Face, a convenient cleanser for showering, packing small for travel or gym including 100% ethical ingredients.


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