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Healing Power of Magnesium

Healing Power of Magnesium Mineral

Magnesium is the 4th most important mineral for our body, widely known as Magnesium Relaxation however there are so many more benefits of the mineral magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral that we don’t have enough in modern times due to phosphorous rich foods and soil degradation that reduces magnesium content in fruits and vegetables. Magnesium directs calcium absorption, no matter how much calcium we take in without magnesium, calcium cannot be absorbed. Magnesium is also a necessary mineral for stronger bones, to combat osteoporosis, arthritis and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.                                  

Magnesium is a very important mineral for our metabolism including use of oxygen and production of energy. When applied topically magnesium neutralizes lactic acid that creates muscle and join soreness, low levels of magnesium can lead to chronic fatigue, low energy level, weakness, anxiety and nervousness, insomnia. Magnesium neurotransmitters including the NMDA receptor in our nervous system is responsible for memory, learning and brain development. Another receptor is the parasympathetic nerve system that calms down nerve activities, regulates melatonin that contributes to balanced sleeping cycles.

Since the 1980s many studies have confirmed numerous physiological benefits through the regular use of magnesium.

Bunney’s Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Cream are handcrafted in Melbourne, both inclusive of a high volume of faster absorbing food grade magnesium.


We include measured volumes of mineral magnesium for skin and hair benefits. Magnesium Oil contains MSM, a great organic ingredient for strengthening bone health, also lavender and a natural Australian eucalyptus that have anti-inflammatory properties for relaxation, calming skin irritation and other benefits.

We recommend to apply Magnesium Cream on top of magnesium oil, this form of addittional application contributes to the fast absorption of the natural ingredients.

A key ingredient in Bunney’s magnesium cream is arnica to break down and relieve bruising anti-inflammatory benefits. Magnesium Cream is also great for sensitive skin and muscles.

Both Bunney’s magnesium Cream and magnesium oil can be used individually however when applied as oil then cream delivers fast absorption, maximizes calming, anti-inflammatory and bruise recovery through the purest of ingredients.

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