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Natural Hair Growth & Regrowth

Natural Hair Regrowth

Laboratory studies confirm mineral magnesium prevents blood vessel from constricting, therefore increases blood flow, which contributes to increasing the effectiveness of your hair root metabolism system and enhances natural hair growth.

Through magnesium natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal qualities, Bunney’s hair care products combat bacteria’s including those caused by yeast that feast on our sculp skin.

Our ingredients such as organic Chamomile and Calendula extract means you can also leave in or rinse off as you wish. You can leave the products in overnight after being thoroughly massaged into the hair down to the root ends for more effective results.

In the morning you simply rinse off with Natural Cleanser for Body, Hair and Face. Or using simply as a conditioner, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial natural ingredients deeply moisturises with the addition of organic shea butter, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and local Australian honey. Lavender, Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang also cleanses and purifies hair root pores.


Rinsing doesn’t need to be stripping like normal commercialised cleansers.  Magnesium Rich natural cleanser is packed with natural goodness including Organic Green Tea extract that calms irritations, repairs skin damage, swelling and provides anti-bacterial benefits. Organic Raw honey deeply moisturises, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and purifying aloe vera naturally cleanses all surface skin naturally and effectively naturally, can be used on all skin types for people of all ages including infants. Sweet scenting is achieved through Tea Tree essential oil, Grapefruit and ylang ylang, all are effective agents for calming irritations and soothing surface blemishes in a natural way.


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