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Healing Power of Herbs

The skin is our biggest organ, whatever we apply to our skin knowingly or unknowingly will absorb into our blood stream circulating through internal organs and throughout our body. Imagine what harmful ingredients have been absorbed into our bloodstream throughout our lifetime. An example is Homosalate from generic sunscreens application and build up over time can lead to the development of many bodily problems and disfunctions.

Other examples of ingredients commonly used that we do not support are synthetic pigments, synthetic plastic polymers as skin conditioning agents, synthetic dyes, petrolatum, synthetic smelling agents, or synthetic gelling agents that are lab produced. These ingredients have a detrimental impact on wellbeing over time.

Also, fine line filling ingredients mostly made of micro sized plastic polymers, rinse off to drainage that leads to damages of ocean eco system. Imagine covering your skin with a thin layer of plastic all day and night, skin pores unable to breathe naturally, that is not the path to beauty and wellbeing.

The healing power of natural plants are of a very different nature, flourished with natural essential nutrients that love our skin that our skin love. We use herbs to hand craft our personal skin and body care products that are healthy to consume orally. Applying Bunney’s products won’t result in artificial glowing skin from the use of manufactured chemicalized ingredients, our natural and organic ingredients contribute to the develop a natural vibrancy. Herbs can provide multiple benefits, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, rejuvenation. Many of our ingredients are food grade and carefully prepared to maximise results. Organic calendula, Organic chamomile, Organic Australian olive oil, Organic Aussie Honey, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Bergamot, Organic Hemp, Food grade Zinc Oxide, Food grade magnesium and so many more included in our ingredient lists. We believe it is important you have the power to know what natural and organic product ingredients are included and how they complement each other for your beauty and lifelong wellbeing.


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